Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good News

V.R. Narla`s THE TRUTH ABOUT THE GITA is coming out soon in USA and continents. Prometheus Books in Amhrest,New York is bringing out this critical writing of Narla Venkateswararao as a part Center for Inquiry India project about critique of Hinduism.
Professor Paul Kurtz, international leader of secular humanism has agreed to bring this book to serve the public at large.
V R Narla wrote this book in the last days of his life ( 1980`s). He died before it saw the light of the day.
Dr N.Innaiah brought out it in Hyderabad, India. Then it was translated by him in Telugu and published. The ebook of Telugu version also is available in the center for inquiry/India site.
Narla V R studied various editions of Gita and its interpretations by eminents scholars. He touched all aspects of Gita and went so deep into its sociological, philosophical and theological realms.
Nalra V R Writings were brought out in 12 volumes by his family and released. But they are not available in USA and other countries.
Now Prometheus Books will compensate that loss.